Maiden Mall

Verka Chowk, Amritsar, Punjab

Redefining The Retail Revolution

Amritsar Joins the League of international Retailing
Welcome to the most strategic location in Amritsar, where Retailing is set to transform into a truly global character. The Maiden Mall – a place that will be a confluence of the hottest brand mix, lifestyle, fast food joints and a resounding multiplex.

The Maiden mall will showcase world class brands and products, Thereby adding the convenience that till now was foreign to any retailing experience here. Due to the strategic location on the grid road/highway, the Maiden mall is poised to become a hot spot for shoppers from all around, including neighboring towns. The multiple retention avenues at the mall will also be star attraction. Its large floor-plates make it the ideal platform for contemporary retailing formats like hyper-markets, departmental store, boutiques, galleries, showrooms etc.