WhatsApp iOS: Send Uncompressed Photos & Videos

Introduction to WhatsApp for iOS Update

WhatsApp has introduced a notable update for iOS users, offering the possibility to send photos and videos without compression, potentially revolutionizing media sharing experiences.

Importance of Sending Uncompressed Photos & Videos

Quality Preservation

Uncompressed media sending ensures the preservation of image and video quality, maintaining the original clarity and details.

Enhanced Clarity

By bypassing compression, users can expect crisper images and videos with finer details, improving visual communication.

Features of the Update

Uncompressed Media Sending Option

The update brings a dedicated setting allowing users to choose whether to send media in its original quality or opt for the standard compressed format.

User Interface Changes

Accompanying this feature is a revamped user interface, simplifying the process of toggling between compressed and uncompressed media sending options.

How to Send Uncompressed Media on WhatsApp for iOS

Step-by-Step Guide

Users can access the new feature through the media sharing options, selecting the “send uncompressed” setting for individual or multiple files.

Settings Adjustment

The update introduces an added setting in the app’s preferences, enabling users to set their default media sending preferences.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Improved Image and Video Quality

Uncompressed media ensures higher quality, particularly beneficial for photographers, artists, and anyone valuing visual fidelity.

File Size Considerations

While uncompressed media maintains quality, it may result in larger file sizes, potentially impacting data usage and storage.

User Experience and Feedback

Initial User Reactions

Early users appreciate the option to send uncompressed media, expressing satisfaction with the improved image and video quality.

Testimonials and Reviews

Positive reviews highlight the significant improvement in media sharing experiences, praising the app’s commitment to user satisfaction.

Comparison with Other Messaging Platforms

Different Approaches to Media Sharing

Comparing WhatsApp’s approach to other platforms reveals varying strategies in balancing quality and file size.

User Preferences

Users may have differing preferences regarding media quality versus file size, influencing their choice of messaging platforms.

Impact on Digital Communication

Potential Changes in Messaging Habits

The update might influence how users share media, possibly encouraging more high-quality content sharing.

Influence on Sharing Media Content

With improved image and video quality, users might engage more in sharing multimedia content, enhancing digital communication experiences.


WhatsApp’s latest update for iOS, enabling the option to send uncompressed photos and videos, marks a significant leap in improving media sharing experiences. The balance between enhanced quality and file size considerations has opened new possibilities for users in the realm of digital communication.


Can I send all types of files without compression using this feature?

As of now, this feature is primarily for sending uncompressed photos and videos on WhatsApp for iOS.

Will sending uncompressed media consume more data?

Yes, sending uncompressed media may result in larger file sizes, potentially consuming more data during transmission.

Can I revert to sending compressed media if needed?

Certainly, users can easily switch back to sending compressed media by adjusting the settings in WhatsApp.

Does the recipient also need the same feature to view uncompressed media?

No, the recipient doesn’t need the same feature to view uncompressed media sent from your end.

Is this feature available for Android users as well?

As of now, this feature has been introduced specifically for WhatsApp on iOS, with no confirmation for its availability on Android.

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